Hello, I'm Tom, a freelance motion graphics artist based in Yorkshire. I have over 10 years industry experience and specialise in motion design and film. Over the years I have worked on projects for companies such as CBeebies, Channel 4, BBC, HSBC, Budwieser, Southbank Centre, M&S, Hitachi, NHS and Martin's Children’s Hospice. I also take great pride in working for charities, small businesses, start ups and individuals.
My work is about understanding a client's personality and how to convey that in a video that is tailored for the right audience. As a freelancer, I strive for a balance between efficiency and attention to detail which means my clients can be confident that they’re in the best hands.
My approach when designing for private clients involves an initial meeting where we can discuss the key milestones, and the journey that they want their target audience to take. I believe that more collaboration between the client and the designer leads to a stronger final product whether you are wanting 5 hours of educational videos, or a 30 second video for social media.
I also Love to illustrate and Love to be in nature. More information can be found on Imdb.
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