Hi, I'm Tom. I have always enjoyed finding solutions to problems. Animation, captivating an audience and sharing knowledge are all areas that have problems that need to be solved. How do I explain what is it I do? How do I attract the appropriate people who would be interested in what I do? How do I bring this idea to life? These are all questions that lead to a journey.
I love what I do, even after many years of doing it I still wake up thinking about my project full of excitement to make the next move.
Owning my own small business allows me to be hands-on with every stage of every project which means I’m experienced with idea generation, script writing, storyboarding, art direction, character design, illustration, animation production and all the project management, communication and organisational stuff that goes with it.
In an ideal world, I would like all of what I do to have an impact on society and to have some kind of purpose that goes towards making our planet a better place. I enjoy working with people who are doing great things and that have a passion for life.
If you would like to talk to me about the weather or how your day has been then get in touch. If you'd like to work together on making the world a better place then please, also get in touch.

Thank you!
"Tom is creative and quick in equal measure, meaning top quality work in a cost-effective way. He really nailed my motion graphics brief, producing a set of high quality videos with a great turnaround time."
Mick Tilley, Creative Director
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